"Grosse Dramatische Fantaisie Über Motive aus Der Freischütz"


The recently rediscovered Swedish harpist and composer Anton Edvard Pratté (1796-1875), once described by his contemporaries as "the Harpking of the North", composed over 200 works and enjoyed an illustrious career as a harp virtuoso, both in Scandinavia and Continental Europe, alongside other illustrious figures such as Elias Parish-Alvars (1808-1849) and Nicholas-Charles Bochsa (1789-1856). Interestingly, a critic compared Pratté´s playing with the latter, stating that Pratté was "the teacher" and Bochsa "the student"!
We are extremely grateful to harpist Delphine Constantin-Reznik for the opportunity for us to be the first to publish Pratté's harp music and for her dedication, hard work, enthusiam and diligence throughout this huge project. It is through her passion for pursuing new repertoire for the harp and researches in Swedish archives which has resulted in the unexpected discovery of the works of this Romantic harp virtuoso and prolific composer who, coincidentally, lived in the very same region and town as she does herself: Norrköping, Eastern Sweden.
This is one of numerous Edvard Pratté compositions to be published by Alaw in the near future.
Weber's operatic masterpiece Der Freischütz provided an ocean of glorious melodies for A.E. Pratté to play with. The result is a hugely entertaining and demanding virtuoso solo composition for the harp. Duration: c.24 minutes.
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Edited by: Delphine Constantin-Reznik

For: Pedal Harp


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Composer: Anton Edvard Pratté

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